Bovril After a Dip

Brenda Carter ( remembers her aquatic salad days:

Do you remember going to the local indoor public swimming pool? Emerging from the water in your cos'y, skin wrinkled and blue, teeth chattering? Drinking hot Bovril at the canteen, slowly feeling your circulation return? Those were the days. What temperature was that water?

Michael Stewart Copp takes a deep breath as he recalls:
Alas, Brenda, the few childhood memories I do have concerning public pools have nary a drop of Bovril associated with them. I remember many times floating on my back around the pool at the local university, staring up at the ceiling in wonderment at how similar to carpeting it appeared, and in great puzzlement as to why (if in fact it was carpeting) it was constantly flaking off and falling into the heavily chlorinated liquid. Years later my quandary was put to an end when it was revealed that the entire roof was made of asbestos, and was simply falling apart. And I'm sure my lungs were no doubt happy to learn of this as well!

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